Gaming PC Water Damage Repair Services

Gaming PCs are designed especially for playing demanding video games. Though most of its specifications with the normal PC are same but still it possess an additional performance-oriented video cards installed on it. These gaming Pcs are built to maximise performance for actual gameplay by using games as a real application benchmark.

Gaming PCs are generally equipped with larger batteries to combat extra power consuming GPU. Being a gaming-centric counterpart, its components are configured in a different design which allows more vents for better air circulation. As they have higher screen resolution they are very sensible and prone to damage.

Have you damaged your device by spilling liquid on it? It is one of the most frustrating moment as this may affect the internal components of your computer and damage it to an irreparable extent.

Does a cup of liquid spill out of your hand and fall on your Gaming PC?

Experiencing this situation may take your Gaming PC to ultimate disaster. If any such incident happens then at first unplug your computer from the power source so that liquid and electricity do not mix or it may lead to short circuit. Then visually inspect whether is there any leftover liquid which is making its way inside your PC components. Then soak it with cotton or a piece of cotton cloth. Then try to restart your PC, if it doesn’t then call our experts for repair.

Is your Keyboard not working as some liquid has fallen down on it?

If it so happens then, at first unplug the keyboard from CPU. Turn it upside down and shake the water loose. Then you need to unplug the screws and blow dry. Keep it under the sun for some time. If it still doesn’t work then call us.

If any such incidents occurred to you that have corroded some parts of your computer like motherboard, CPU or Keyboard, then don’t get tensed. Call us before thinking of replacement as if there is any minor issue it will save you from unnecessary spending lots of money on computer accessories.

Our Gaming PC Water Damage Services offer following services to its clients. Some are mentioned here so that the customers understand us better regarding our services and can trust us for assistance.

  • Clean all the chip leads to remove crud between circuit traces.
  • Cleaning of the circuit boards
  • Clean the heatsink and CPU and use isopropyl alcohol to displace the moisture
  • Remove all the core components so that the parts should be dried individually
  • Reassemble the computer along with its core components
  • Configure motherboard by replacing damaged chips and cleaning other components in it
  • Restore the battery and reinstall the machine.

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