Gaming PC Motherboard Repair Services

A Gaming PC comes with a performance-oriented video card in comparison to the mainstream computer. It is built to maximize performance for the actual gameplay by using the game as a real application benchmark. Gaming PCs are custom-assembled with high power quad processor and 3D resolution, rather than pre-assembled machines.

Gaming motherboards are different from the normal motherboard components as they possess the capability to work faster than certain models of CPUs and also they have an increased number of connection ports for inserting various graphics cards. These motherboards have more visually appealing designs. Built-in LED lighting and sturdier materials. One of the important components of a Gaming Computer is RAM (Random Access Memory).

Are you facing an obstacle on your device due to a problem in RAM? Is your Gaming PC running too slowly because of issues in the processor? Here we are analyzing some of the common issues that the user encounters.

Does your motherboard experience a short circuit?

Usually, motherboards are filled with capacitors and soldered connections. If it experiences a short circuit, it may be due to behaving erratically while completing POST or may boot then crash at random. For keeping away from such crashes, examine your motherboard when it is installed. Check that no unsupported portions of the motherboard have bent towards the case’s interior and ensures that all internal wires have properly shielded with a rubber or plastic exterior. But in case, your motherboard experiences a short circuit, then call our assistants to help you out.

Are you facing the problem with power button connection in the motherboard of Gaming PC?

The motherboard connects to the power button on a computer’s case through a small and thin two-pin wire, labeled with plus and minus symbols. Lining these plugs up with the motherboard can be a bit difficult as first of all it is printed in such small texts that it’s not possible without using the microscope to see that text and secondly you need to consult the motherboard’s manual to align the connection with the pins properly. But you need not get panic. We are here to solve your problem.

Our team of Gaming PC Motherboard Repair provides services for different sorts of issues in the motherboard. Few of them are listed as follows:

  • Provide support for all installation and configuration issues of a motherboard
  • Provide help in solving itching fan sound problems of the processor
  • Locate RAM slots properly and clean the RAM connectors
  • If you have a weak battery, we replace the system battery of the motherboard
  • Repair all common hardware problems of the motherboard
  • Replace graphics card if it’s not working

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We assure you that our skilled personnel will not let you down and give you satisfaction from their services.

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