Gaming PC Keyboard Repair Services

Gaming PCs are specifically made for gaming enthusiasts and it has specifications like powerful CPU, massive amount of RAM, VRAM, top notch GPU etc. It is capable of processing and rendering 3D quality graphics which enhance gaming factors. As it has powered with quad core fast processors it has very large storing capacity.

When it comes to computers, many of the people take their keyboards for granted. But it should not be ignored. Are you facing obstruction while using Keyboard on your Gaming PC?

Have you got “Keyboard Not Found” message on your screen?

This mess pop maypops up on your screen if your keyboard is not plugged into the computer securely. For resolving this sort of issue at first, unplug it and then plug it back again. It should now work normally. But if the problem still persists then you may take the help of our experts.

Is your Gaming PC not taking inputs from Keyboard?

If this situation appears, then at first check whether your computer is connected to a keyboard or not. Make sure that your keyboard is plugged into keyboard jack only, because if by mistake it has been plugged in to mouse jack it will not work. If it still doesn’t work then check your BIOS to make sure whether BIOS recognizes the keyboard or not, if not then you probably have a bad keyboard port.

Did you spill a drink on your keyboard?

If it happens then turn your keyboard upside down as soon as possible. Then drain all the water out of the device and let it dry. You may also use a hair dryer to dry out the areas which remain under the keys. But too much heat may damage the electrical components inside so don’t use excess heat.

Apart from all that, the users encounter some more issues like their keyboard is not properly working because it is dirty, keys are stuck in the keyboard, if you have plugged keyboard into Mouse port, if your Keyboard is only typing capitals or if Page Up or Page Down Keys are locked or if the letters are not working on keyboard.

For solving all such critical keyboard issues, you may take the help of our Gaming PC Keyboard Repair Services. Our group of professionals are experts in dealing with all such kind of keyboard issues.

  • We update the device drivers for your keyboard model.
  • Remove the unnecessary drivers and software from your PC
  • Install the updated driver and reinstall the keyboard software
  • Reboot your gaming PC and check BIOS so that it can be recognized by the device
  • Clean your keyboard through the spray and wipe and compression air
  • Use chip puller to pull up the keys which are stuck on the keyboard

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You will get the desired solutions with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. Any sort of feedback relating to our service is welcome to us.

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