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Video games were in vogue during the 1970’s and were mostly preferred by the people with high-quality taste. The market was at the peak during those years through the first video game came out towards the end of 1950’s.

Gaming PC was invented in 1980’s and initially had some distinct hardware components for better graphics and display system. In today’s date Gaming PCs come with a separate video, but in the initial days, they had a separate sound card too.

These PCs are custom assembled rather than pre-assembled which helps the gaming software to updates automatically. Gaming PC is divided in the marked into three subdivisions; high-end market, the mid-end market, and the low-end market.

Know your Gaming PC better

In many ways is a Gaming PC similar to that of an ordinary PC. A Gaming PC can do everything that a normal PC does, but there are few more features of a Gaming PC. Those features are listed below:

  • A Gaming PC comes with a separate graphics card (GPU) which is also known as the video card.
  • Gaming PCs have very powerful processors which are also known as CPU.
  • High RAM (Random Access Memory) is essential for a Gaming PC. A minimum of 8GB RAM is recommended.
  • The GDDR (Graphic Double Data Rate) memory is inbuilt in the graphics card which helps the GPU to read the graphic content at high speed.
  • Graphic PCs require a higher Power Supply Unit.
  • As overuse of computers can heat it up, the heating problem cannot be overlooked in a Gaming PC. Hence, Gaming PCs come with the liquid cooling system to keep the machine cool.

Problems you might encounter

  • Despite the cooling process, overheating is quite common in Gaming Computers.
  • These PCs are designed to work more smoothly than ordinary PCs, but it’s not the case always. Temporary freezing might occur.
  • Glitches are graphical weirdness. A portion of the screen might flicker, or there can be an unusual pattern on the screen. This might cause due to the overheating of the graphics card (GPU).
  • Screen tearing is one common thing that occurs in any old Gaming PC where a game scene splits into halves.

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