Gaming PC Hard Disk Repair Services

Gaming Laptops or PCs are on trend nowadays. They are used widely for personal gaming or for creating 3D animations for movie editors or game developers. They are equipped with a powerful quad-core CPU and a discrete GPU with huge RAM, higher clock frequencies, high power batteries, 2k or 4k displays two powerful fans and large vents.

As they are designed for high-resolution 3D rendering, they are bulkier and quite costlier. But as they are equipped with so powerful features, they are very much prone to problems while comparing to a normal laptop or PC. Are you facing serious concerns while using your Gaming PC? Or have your PC suffered from hard disk failure which may result in data loss? Then call us immediately for hard disk repair.

Does your Gaming PC fail to detect hard disk or BIOS?

If your PC is unable to detect BIOS or Hard disk, then it might be due to a disturbance in the power supply provided by the UPS. Due to this, the Hard disk fails to spin properly and it causes the PC to not to detect BIOS or hard disk. To solve this kind of issue at first make sure that your power supply is used for the PC’s hardware components are working properly or not. If yes and yet your problem persists, then you need an expert to solve this.

Does your Gaming PC experience unexpected crashes?

When your hard disk becomes too old, then it is not able to function properly and starts exhibiting issues related to unexpected computer crashes. The reason might be piling up of bad sectors in your hard disk over a large time-period due to which the spindle motor of your hard disk malfunctions and becomes jammed. Sometimes the users also hear grinding noises if this problem occurs and your files and folders start disappearing.  This can be very risky.

Is your hard disk gets heated very often?

When it comes to hard disk, heating is a very common issue. If your system is overused, then the fans of your hard disk began to move at a slow rate and your hard disk gets heated up. This makes a clicking noise to indicate that your hard disk is overheated.

If your hard disk malfunctions there is a greater chance that you may have to suffer from data loss so it is advised to our clients for creating a backup of your data in a separate location and they should never shut down PC while any program is running on.

Services that our team of Gaming PC Hard Disk Repair provides to our clients are as follows:

  • Uninstallation of unnecessary files to avoid malicious programs and system junk
  • Update your computer’s operating system
  • Installation and updating of Antivirus software programs
  • Replacement of hard disk if there is any manufacturing fault i9nvolved
  • Install CPU fans and applications which will notify about the excess temperature in your hard disk
  • Changing the cable connection connecting the UPS to hard disk for proper power supply

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