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Video games were not very well a known unknown till 1970’s when it was made a commercial thing and became the method of recreation for people with luxurious taste. With the rise in technology, people saw a rise in video games. These are electronic games which generate visual feedback on a screen. The first video game was invented towards the end of 1950’s. In 1980’s it became a popular form of entertainment and also a part of the modern culture.

The first Gaming computer was invented in 1980’s. These computers allowed their users to play video games on the computer itself. A Gaming PC comes with a graphics card which helps the user to play games easily by making the video clearer.

Gaming PC v/s normal PC

Both video games and computers were more of a prestigious thing for the people when they were invented, so it would not be wrong to say that the Gaming computer, back then, was something to snob about. A Gaming PC is very similar to that to an ordinary PC, but there are very few differences which make a Gaming PC stand out of the ordinaries. They mainly are.

  • A Gaming PC has more workload making it more expensive than an ordinary one. Not only can you browse the internet but can also play games on it.
  • The graphics card is one basic difference.
  • These PCs promise you a bigger screen and better video quality so that you do not hurt your eyes while playing games.
  • Better RAM is a must.
  • A high-velocity processor is required.
  • Gaming PCs tend to overheat; hence it comes with a liquid cooling function to keep it cool.
  • Such PCs require a longer battery life.

Basic glitches with a Gaming PC

Though there are many features of a Gaming PC to prevent problems, these are not free of the problem. Some very common problems associated with Gaming PCs are:

  • Screen glitches are very common in Gaming PCs.
  • Though a Gaming PC comes with the liquid cooling system, it is not free of overheating.
  • Online lag is a very frustrating problem relating to a Gaming PC.
  • Gamers often run into a problem during freezing of their PCs.
  • Game freezing is one frustrating thing that you can face.
  • Game shuttering is just like game freezing, but it lasts for a longer time.
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