Gaming PC Battery Repair Services

Gaming PCs and normal PCs don’t have so much difference in them. Their configuration might be same but still there are some differences in the design of a Gaming PC and its cooling mechanism.  They are designed to withstand high levels of temperature without discomforting users, especially in the area of palm. Manufacturers who make this Gaming PCs or Laptops employ better fans for cooling purpose in this Gaming PCs and they also provide various vents for continuous flow of air.

Are you frustrated with the continuous drainage of battery charge? Or having any kind of issues related to battery, then call us for premium support.

Does your Gaming PC shut off when your AC adapter is unplugged?

If it often happens with you that as soon as you unplug the adapter from the PC, it shuts off completely. The reason for this can be many like your battery are not seated correctly, or it has got dirty or oxidized because of which it is failing to make a connection with the PC. In such cases, you need to replace the battery. Also, it may be that the charging circuit on the motherboard is failed, so in that case, the whole motherboard should be replaced.

Is your battery not detected by the PC?

Do you find a red cross on the battery icon and realize that your battery is not detected by the PC? Or you might have moved the cursor over the battery icon and gets a message implying “no battery detected”. This means that your battery is no more working and it needs a replacement. If in case, replacing a battery won’t work then call us to resolve the problem.

Does your battery discharge very quickly once it reaches a critical point?

In this kind of issue, there is a greater chance that your battery is failed.  Once your battery is detected by the PC or Laptop and it gets charged to 100%. Then once you unplug the Ac adapter, till 60% you found that it is discharging at a normal rate and after that in a very quick manner. This issue should be dealt with care.

In spite of that if you found that your battery doesn’t get charged properly or is charging only when the power plug is positioned correctly then call us for assistance. There can be also a problem in AC adapter or it might happen that your AC Adapter power cable gets damaged. But you need not get annoyed for this.

Our Gaming PC Battery Repair Services provides following solutions to the customers:

  • Make the relevant changes in your built-in power saving options of your Pc or Laptop
  • Use your PC’s Manufacturer’s battery maintenance tool to extend its maximum life
  • Remove all power hungry apps and processes which is the reason for power draining
  • Remove all power hungry hardware
  • Replace the cells in your battery so that it works properly
  • Replace a battery and check out with multi-meter its voltage for proper functioning
  • Replacement of power jack or Ac adapter or power cable or AC adapter.

Dial us:

You can call us at any time of the day at our toll-free Gaming PC Battery repair service number +1 800-889-4715. We have a group of professionals who are expert in dealing with all sorts of battery problem and give suggestions for its longevity. You can talk to them directly and want solution online through our Gaming PC Customer Support. They will provide you best solutions for all your problems.

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