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The Blue Screen Error, technically known as STOP error is abbreviated to BSOD (a screen error). In such a case the whole display screen turns blue. It is also known as Blue Screen of Doom, bug check screen, system crash or a kernel error.

The texts on the blue screen would mention the files which had caused the crash or any other device which might have been at fault. Most BSOD include a STOP code which helps in solving the Blue Screen Error. But unfortunately, most computers have a default setting of restarting the computer after a BSOD which makes it impossible for you to read the STOP code.

Digging into the history of BSOD

The Blue Screen Error has been there since the evolution of Windows and no major changes have been witnessed throughout these years. The only change is the color of the screen from dark blue to a lighter shade with the silver text which initially was a long list of useless information, shrinking to a single phrase (with the STOP code, of course).

Reasons behind a BSOD

One there is a blue screen error you have to restart your computer and you will lose most of your work. Such crashes are not usual during using a window. If your computer faces such crashes very frequently it might because of due to the following reasons:

  • Faulty motherboard and bad memory where the stored memory can’t be retrieved.
  • A corrupt registry might cause a computer to crash.
  • Devices that do not work properly.
  • A hard drive is one major reason behind the issue.
  • Window might crash if it starts receiving conflicting information from various pieces of hardware.
  • Viruses can seriously damage your computer, can delete all your important files and change the administrative setting which might, very clearly, result in a crash.
  • Overheating might sometimes trigger a Blue Screen Error.
  • BIOS system is present on your computer which makes it easy for you the make the basic changes such as time and date, mishandling the BIOS system can lead to a Blue Screen Error.

The solutions we provide

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